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Hey! I’m Jenna, and I can’t stop reading.

Welcome to the brand new blog, where I’ll be sharing more than just book reviews. Books are a huge part of my life, yes, but there’s so I want to dive into. Whether I’m talking about my current favorite houseplant, how I’m keeping my 5 year old from smothering my 2 year old, or how I make time to read as a mom, I hope you enjoy everything here.

All Things Books

Check out my book reviews and more! I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been reading, what I want to read soon, and a world of other things related to one of my first loves – books.


Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my eARC in exchange for my honest feedback!Emma Lord is back at it again with a cutesy, feel good YA romance that will make the adult readers that pick it up wish that they were back at a younger time in their life (me, I’m the adult…

All Things Plants

My plants, the plants I dream of, and how I take care of them. I’m no horticultural expert by any means, but taking care of my plants are sometimes the only moments of peace I get in a given day. Join me.


The earth is thawing here in the northern hemisphere, and with the beginning of the spring season comes the start of a new growing season for my houseplants. The start of a new season is a great time to get your plants prepped for the year! As the days get longer and the nights warmer,…

All Things Mom

A big part of my identity is being a mom, but it’s not all of who I am. Here, I discuss challenges I’ve faced, how I’ve conquered them, and also, how to still be ME while also being MOM.

About Me

I’m a stay at home mom of two that uses reading as my most common form of self care.

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