My heart is broken into a million little pieces and I hate Jill Santopolo for it. Or I love her for decide.


This story is fast paced despite having taken place over 13 years, breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly frustrating. I found myself totally invested in Lucy and her happiness, falling in love with her passion for her work and her pursuit of happiness. I feel like she is someone that I know – someone who found a big, great love, and when it was lost, she never got fully over it. And every time she thinks she is past it, she realized that she definitely is not. I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling…the feeling that you’ve moved past someone/something, but then those old feelings creep in.

That feeling is what got me hooked on this book. I probably could have read it in one sitting if time allowed, but responsibilities happened. At the end of it, I felt so many feelings that I had no idea I could feel from the plot twist thrown in. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen..but I definitely didn’t expect it. My heart was crushed in the best way possible and I can’t recommend this book more.

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