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4/5 stars

This book, folks. This book broke my heart in so many ways. I chose to read this in February for congenital heart disease awareness month, and I’m so grateful that I did.

This book taught me so much about what life would be like to live with someone with a heart defect – a harsh reality that I have had the privilege of not having to face. I was so connected to the characters and saw a little bit of myself in both Quinn and Riley. Quinn is mature, selfless, responsible and kind, while Riley is strong, loving, and hates being tiptoed around when it comes to talking about her illness.

While I am not usually a fan of any type of story that takes place out of this world, I admired the way that the two worlds intertwined so flawlessly in this story. I also loved that the dimension that Quinn found herself in wasn’t too difficult to understand, never left me feeling confused, and was described in a dream like way. The chapters alternating between reality and the world that Quinn discovered flowed seamlessly and kept me wanting to read it – if I got somewhat bored with one world, I would be very interested in the next.

My favorite part of the entire story was the relationship between the two sisters. What a beautiful representation of the bond that two siblings can have. As someone who doesn’t have a sister, I was able to see what life would be like with one. I love an unrelenting hero and Quinn did this perfectly.

My heart trumped for Quinn and for Riley, but it broke for their their mother. Having a child who is sick from the start cannot be easy for anyone, but as a single mom, she really went through the ringer. Her strength and strong character showed in not only herself but in the daughters she raised as well – a wonderful legacy to leave.

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