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What a ride this book was. I knew very little about the Golden State Killer (GSK) and the investigation behind it going in, and I finished the book with a newfound respect for homicide investigators. What a crazy search for this guy!

That being said, this book was full of incredibly information. I learned a lot about the police detectives, the seeming randomly targeted victims, the layout of the areas that the GSK attacked, and so much more. I was grossed out by it, but not because of the way it was written, just because of the crimes themselves. And yet, it was like a train wreck – awful to watch but you cannot look away.

The writing of this book felt choppy to me, though – the time frames jumped all over, there were too many detectives spoken of, and I got things mixed up. I was happy that I read it on paper so I could flip back and forth and figure out what year an event happened.

Because McNamara passed away tragically before the book was published, there are sections that were finished by her editor and pieced together from her notes. Those sections were harder for me to get through as they felt unfinished (probably because they were) and the writing was not in a similar style.

The book kept my interest, though, and I’m glad I read it.

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