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“This is what happens when you live on Earth. You crack. You hold reality in your hands until it burns and then you have to drop the plate.” – Matt Haig
This book was chosen for my book club pick and man, I am SO happy that we voted for it! One of my goals of 2019 is to read a little more out of my contemporary and YA comfort zone. This book pushed me a bit in the best way, and I loved every second of it! All the stars!
If you asked me a year ago if I would ever read a book about an alien, I probably would’ve told you “most likely not”. And if you told me I would LOVE a book about an alien, I would’ve chuckled. But here’s the deal with this book – it gives an outsiders perspective of humanity in the most beautiful, eloquent, and perfect way. Matt Haig perfectly defined humanity and made me think about life in a way I never have.
It made me really realize how short life is. How beautiful it is. And also how mortal we are. Everyone should read this book. It doesn’t fit into a category and it doesn’t fit into a genre. But it is one thing – it’s beautiful. I look forward to reading more from Matt Haig in the future!

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