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When I try to think of how to write a review for this book, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Oh, it was cute.” That’s about how I would sum up this story. As I was reading it, it gave me a lot of warm feelings, a little bit of rage, and a handful of laughs. I didn’t hate my reading experience, but I also am not going to be forcing this one into anyone’s hands to try to get them to read it.

As a mom, I really enjoyed the parts of the story where Agnes, the main character, struggled with motherhood, but alas, those parts were few and far in between. Agnes spent most of the book living as a single mom, but the story focused more on her job and her endless pursuit of getting her husband back. The frustrating part of this narrative was that every single character in the book could see how bad her husband was except for Agnes herself, and I just wanted to reach into the book and shake her – WAKE UP WOMAN, YOU ARE NO MORE TO HIM THAN A HOT BOD AND A BABY MAMA! Instead of investing in her daughter and loving watching her grow up, she sits around agonizing about the man who left her alone after one too many shady business deals. And even though I wasn’t a big fan of Agnes, I like any book thatch evoke any emotion in me, even if it is slight rage.

Trophy Life was filled with quirky characters and had a lot of wit and charm. It was a great palate cleanser after a few heavier reads, so I appreciated that about it. I will read Geller’s next book just to see how she grows as an author – this was a solid debut.

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