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FINALLY a 5 star read in 2020! The idea of this book was so unique. It was interesting, tastefully executed, and a great story. This is NOT my normal genre at all but I LOVED it.

Since I don’t give out 5 stars very often, this review will be a quick list of what made this book enjoyable for me.
• A unique but not totally unbelievable storyline. Dystopian fiction can sometimes feel super far fetched, and while this one definitely won’t be happening in the near future, I can see how it happening in the distant future.
• Engaging characters – both lead and minor ones. I took an interest in more than just the protagonist of this book and found myself connecting with multiple characters for different reasons.
• A well paced story – I never felt like this book lagged.
• Easily digestible – while it was set in the future with elements that were created in the Schusterman’s mind, I was never confused.

All in all, one of the best books I read in 2020 and I cannot wait to read the sequel!

Content warnings:

Parental death

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