It felt like the wait of the century.

It all started in the beginning of April. I just learned how to load library books on my beloved Kindle Paperwhite that I got for Mother’s Day 2018 and found myself reading on it EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT. I loved it so much and it brought me new titles during a pandemic when I couldn’t leave my house.

Then, one night when I went to plug it back in…it wouldn’t charge.

I tried a new cord. A new cord in a different outlet. I tried twisting and turning it every which way. I tried ALL OF THE THINGS and could only get it to charge in a very specific position for short increments of time. My very smart and kind engineer husband told me that eventually it probably wouldn’t charge anymore, and that I should get a new one for Mother’s Day. Then, a friend told me that Amazon had a deal at the time where you could trade in your old kindle, potentially get some money back for it, and then get 20 % off a new one. So I jumped at the chance and the savings.

I packed up my beloved Kindle Paperwhite with some bubble wrap and a few tears and sent it off to Amazon. I checked the status of the return like a crazy person. Multiple times a day. When I woke up at 4am one night for a middle of the night nursing session and had an email that I received a $25 credit for my returned Paperwhite and 20% off a new e-reader, I immediately ordered the 8GB Kindle Oasis.

After a lot of delays, stress, and wondering if it would ever show up (lovingly nicknamed Kindlegate), I finally received it on Saturday, May 16, at approximately 4PM. You can SEE the joy on my face. Just look at that smile!

The anticipation was killing me!
Out of the box and ready for love!

I powered it up and immediately knew I needed a case for it. It felt so delicate in my hands – thin, sleek, and beautiful. I wanted something waterproof since I have a tendency to get everything soaked (mom life) and found this case on Amazon for a reasonable price. My husband wanted me to get leather, but I DO WHAT I WANT!

I named her Tine-y (pronounced Teen-y) since it was my favorite purchase during quaranTINE.

Now that you’ve read the saga, here are the things I LOVE about my new kindle:

❤️ I love the buttons. Plain and simple. It’s so much more convenient than swiping! I don’t have to move my hand to change the page which really enhances the experience – one handed reading is a necessity for me as a nursing mama.
❤️ The screen feels much smoother than the paperwhite did. It’s hard to explain, but it feels higher quality and the words look clearer and sharper.
❤️ The warm light is excellent and easy on the eyes.
❤️ The text rotates based off which hand I am holding the sidebar with – an excellent feature for a leftie that often rotates which hand I am holding it with!
❤️ The light on it can be set to automatically adjust based off room brightness, just like a smartphone. It saves me from having to frantically dim it when the room is dark and I don’t want to disturb my sleeping husband.

And the cons (because everything has at least one)!

👎🏻 The device doesn’t lay flat. I did however get a case for it that, when I open it and flip the front around to the back, fixes this issue.
👎🏻 Without the case it feels SO thin when holding it that it is almost uncomfortable on the hands. Both of my main cons were solved with a simple case!
👎🏻 The price. The Kindle Paperwhite is a much more attainable price point with a lot of similar features. Luckily I had the 20% off and $25 credit that made the Oasis a bit more attainable – I saved about $70 that way on the 8GB without special offers.


I am very happy with my decision to upgrade to the Oasis. I am hopeful that Tine-y will be with me for a very, very long time!

5 MONTH UPDATE – I still love tine-y and use her daily. I love the adjustable warmlight, the buttons, and all of her beauty and glory!

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  1. Do you feel like it is worth it for the oasis? Or do you think the kindle paperwhite is almost just as good for the price?


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