If you follow my Instagram, then you have likely seen me complain about Goodreads in the past. As an avid reader that wants to connect with other book lovers in every way that I can, I really like the idea of Goodreads. It’s one place to keep all of my book information, to read a lot of reviews, and to connect with other readers. This post is not to bash Goodreads by any means, but to talk about a product that does all of the same things, but better – The StoryGraph.

Now, let me tell you 6 reasons why I love it.

1. You can import your Goodreads library.
You do not lose your stats or have to go back and manually enter everything you’ve ever read! It is easy and fast!

2. The “Find A Book” Feature
If you visit The StoryGraph, on the first page you will see a feature called “Find a Book.” Below is a demonstration of how this works.

This is a GAME CHANGER for mood readers. Not only can you search the entire database on The StoryGraph, but you can filter it by books that you own and don’t own.

3. The Review Feature
Obviously you can review books on Goodreads – that is one of the best features of the site. But The StoryGraph takes it a step further and asks all readers the same general questions about every book. These questions answered by readers create the blurbs shown for each book – including the pace of the book and some adjectives describing it.

You can also rate books with quarter stars! So no more rounding a 3.5 star book up to 4 stars just to be fair (something I hate doing because I want to be as straightforward and honest as possible with my reviews).

4. The Actual Graphs
I know people who make their own graphs about their reading every year on an Excel sheet. It’s time consuming and requires a lot of labor. What if I told you that a lot of these can be created FOR YOU? The StoryGraph has actual graphs that breaks down what you are reading – and you don’t have to do a thing to get them there.

5. Reading Challenges!
You can participate in them! You can track them! You can MAKE YOUR OWN! And they are all compiled into one handy little page.

6. The DNF (Did Not Finish) Button
This right here, folks, is what takes the cake for me – this is the MAIN THING that Goodreads is missing. Have you ever picked up a book and started it, thought, “This seems familiar…” then realized that it was a book that you put down in the past? This has happened to me – and Goodreads has no way to combat it. There’s no way to track the books you did not finish without counting them into your “read” total for the year. The StoryGraph remedies that with a handy little DNF button, then offers you the ability to put in why you put it down so you can jog your memory down the road if need be.

Are your ears perked up? Are you curious to join The StoryGraph? The great news is that the product is free and available to the public right now in beta mode! CLICK HERE TO JOIN! And don’t forget to follow The StoryGraph on Instagram – the creator, Nadia, is an absolute gem and wants all of your feedback on everything. She will respond to your direct messages and help you iron out any issues you may run into as you explore her new creation!

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  1. Do you know if transferring your stuff over from Goodreads to Storygraph means you lose all your history in Goodreads? I want to try Storygraph but I want to keep my Goodreads too, because I have friends there I interact with 🙂


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