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Sometimes I escape into reality television when I need mindless humor and a good laugh. My life is pretty low key, low drama, not a whole whole lot going on…so I consume my drama on tv, then go back to my stay at home mom life of wiping butts and noses.

This book filled that same void that reality TV craziness fills, but with a sweet story to go along with it. This debut from Stayman-London kept me engaged, had me laughing, and filled my heart.

You know I love to keep my reviews as short as possible, so here is a pro/con list of what I loved/didn’t love about the book!

➡️ A likable, believable main character! Bea had soul, wit, and charm.
➡️ Unique storyline – I don’t think I’ve ever seen reality tv basically written into a novel.
➡️ Engaging prose – I never felt bored and was totally able to get absorbed in the story!
➡️ Perfect level of romance cheesiness – and closed door! I love love stories but don’t like graphic sexual content, so I was happy this one kept the steam level low.

➡️ In the beginning of the book, there were too many characters (which makes sense, since the lead was dating 25 suitors a la The Bachelor) and it made it hard to follow.
➡️ The ending was a bit inconclusive (don’t want to spoil it, but I would’ve loved another chapter)!

Content warnings:
Excessive body shaming
Internet bullying/cyber threats
Mention of rape
Parental abandonment

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

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