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I first read The Humans by Matt Haig in March of 2019 (full review here) and fell in love. A pick for my real life book club, it gave us so many great discussion points and introduced me to a new favorite author. I will now buy/read anything that Matt Haig writes, and he is one of the few authors that have earned that level of respect and adoration from me!

This book did not disappoint per usual. I really loved how it packed a big punch in under 300 pages while keeping me completely engaged throughout.

4️⃣ things I loved about this book:
➡️ The story was compelling and fast paced.
➡️ The way the character felt was super raw and portrayed beautifully.
➡️ Despite the content matter being super heavy, it was very digestible and readable.
➡️ In true Matt Haig form, there was MAGIC in the story without it feeling overdone.

2️⃣ things I didn’t love:
➡️ The main character was just kind of okay to me. Didn’t love her or hate her.
➡️ The ending was a bit too rushed for me. I loved the book so much that I wanted more!
Overall, a super compelling read! 4.25 ⭐️

Trigger warnings:
Talk of drowning
Attempt of suicide
Drug overdose
Death of a parent
Death of a sibling
Fatal car crash

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