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This was such a fun audiobook! I loved hearing their chemistry and their story, even as just a minor fan of both (I think they are great but don’t have an incredible interest in them). I also picked up a physical copy of the book so that I can flip through the photos that they (very hilariously) described while I was listening to the audio. I think it is worth having a copy of both! Here is an Amazon link to get your own copy of the book.

All that aside, here is my short but sweet review!

3 things about this audiobook (2 I loved, 1 I didn’t).
1. LOVED the conversational tone. It is just a normal couple having a conversation about their lives together and it felt so normal. I felt like they were telling me the story of their relationship over many cups of mediocre coffee.
2. LOVED the humor. These two are hilarious! I cannot imagine being at a dinner with them or something, I would not be able to keep my cool. Their banter is unique and only possible after many years of being with one another. They’re like the hip version of an old married couple.
3. Didn’t love the (very few and very far in between) references to their sex life. This is a personal thing for me, but I could’ve definitely gone without this.

This book would be a perfect listen for a road trip with your significant other once you are burned out on listening to true crime podcasts that give you anxiety once the sun goes down and the winding roads start to look a little ominous. Absolutely recommend it.

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