Welcome to my first ever plant of the week feature! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am little bit of a crazy plant lady. I’ve had at least one plant at all times since about 2015, but this year, the obsession really took off, and to put it lightly…my house has reached jungle status. If my husband thinks I’ve lost my mind, he’s been quite nice to me about it, because I’ve gone from about 5 house plants to roughly 75 in 2020.

Anyway, I want to feature one of my plants each week so you can get to know my collection. I love each of these for different reasons, so I want to give them each a moment in the spotlight to let them shine. I felt it was only fitting that I start with Gary, my original golden pothos and my first plant that I got when we moved back to Kentucky.


Latin name: Epipremnum aureum
Other names: golden pothos (most commonly used), devil’s ivy
Where to purchase this plant: you can get a golden pothos just about anywhere that sells houseplants – your local hardware store, the supermarket, etc. But if you want to buy online from a great small business, I highly recommend California Tropicals. If you shop by clicking this link or enter the code JENNASTOPREADING at checkout, you get 10% off at their store. They have a 4″ golden pothos for $14.99 (free shipping!) and a 6″ for $17.99. They send beautiful, healthy plants for affordable prices!
Light level required: anything from low light to full sun, can acclimate to anything
Water level required: Moderate water. Pothos want to dry out between watering, and can tolerate extreme drying out better than overwatering.
Care level required: minimal/easy care. I kept Gary alive for a long time before I knew anything about how to keep a plant alive.
Why I love this plant: Gary is so easygoing, fun to propagate, and incredibly beautiful. I love a vining plant and something that grows pretty quickly, and Gary is just that. Because of him, I have 4 golden pothos in my house (2 of which I propagated from cuttings) and I love how simply stunning they are.
Sister/cousin plants: marble queen pothos, neon pothos, jade pothos, pearls and jade pothos, satin pothos, , scindapsus pictus exotica, and the pothos n joy all have very similar requirements.

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