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I started this book 4 days before the end of October thinking I would maybe finish it before the end of month, and instead I ended up devouring it in 36 hours. That’s something I love about YA – it’s usually pretty fast paced and easy to get caught up in the story. This book definitely checked those boxes! It was a 3 star read for me.

Here’s 5 quick things about this book – three things I liked, two I didn’t.

  1. I loved the pacing of the book. It takes place over the course of one day, and while the day is jam packed, it never felt too rushed or too slow.
  2. The main characters were strong, smart teenagers that were passionate about something as important as voting. I thought they were refreshingly mature but also very clearly still teenagers.
  3. The premise of the book taking place over the course of a day was super fun – reminded me of The Sun is Also A Star, another book I really enjoyed!
  4. I didn’t love how many subplots happened in this book. There was SO MUCH going on for one day and I think the author could’ve made the day just as busy without adding in so many somewhat complex side stories.
  5. I wish we had more of a look into the sister of Duke, the male protagonist. I wanted more of her and instead we just got little snippets!

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