I have like, a lot of plants. This comes as no surprise to anyone who follows me on Instagram. I get a lot of direct messages asking me which plants I would recommend to a beginner, so I thought I would compile a list of 5 of my favorites that have proven to have super easy care! I linked each of them at the bottom of the post so you can buy from California Tropicals, my favorite plant shop. US shipping is free and you can use my code JENNASTOPREADING for 10% off!

Monstera Deliciosa (aka Split Leaf Philodendron)

This large and beautiful split leaf plant is an absolute statement piece! I pretty much ignore this baby and it grows. Every time it gets a new leaf I cannot wait to see if it has fenestrations or not.

String of Turtles (aka Peperomia prostrata)

These babies are a little harder to come across, but if you ever stumble across a pot at Lowe’s (like I did this one) SNATCH IT UP REALLY FAST! They grow quickly, require very little water, and propagate super easily. These are also non toxic to pets which make them a great choice for people with cats that won’t stop attacking their plants!

Swiss cheese Vine (aka Monstera adansonii)

Nobody took bites out of these leaves, that’s just how the plant looks! These guys look great in hanging baskets or growing up a trellis.

Philodendron Brazil

I love the variegation in the leaves of this one! It likes the shade, grows pretty quick, and is absolutely stunning.

Heartless Philodendron (aka Philodendron cordatum)

Similar to the Brazil shown above, this one loves the shade and looks lovely trailing out of its pot.

Links to purchase (don’t forget to use my code JENNASTOPREADING to save 10%)!
6″ Monstera daliciosa for $29.99
4″ Monstera adansonii for $28.99.
4″ Philodendron Brazil for $19.99.
4″ Philodendron cordatum for $16.99.

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