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Nothing can pull me out of a reading slump quite like a Christina Lauren book. My go to slump buster genre is young adult, but man, CLo knows how to hit me where it hurts but also make me fall in love. This book was no different! The pacing was just what I needed and the story had me completely wrapped up from start to finish. However, there were a few reasons that I had to knock off 2 stars, so, without further ado, here are 5 things about this book: 3 that I loved and 2 that I didn’t.

  1. The pacing of the book from start to finish was perfect. I never felt bored or like things moved too quickly.
  2. The dual timeline was executed perfectly – and I am a picky one on this! I sometimes struggle to follow multiple timelines, but I loved the way this was done and how it brought the story together.
  3. The characters were incredibly lovable. I was rooting for both Elliot and Macy
  4. I felt like the ease of how the two got back together was just a little too far fetched. They hadn’t spoken in YEARS but basically picked up right where they left off.
  5. This is a bit of a spoiler, so proceed with caution…but the cheating trope just gets to me. I am not a fan. Automatically knock off a star for any book that contains any kind of infidelity.

Overall this was a solid story and another CLo win for me! Click the following links to purchase the book on Amazon or through your favorite independent bookstore via

Content warnings:
Loss of a parent(s)

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