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Written In the Stars was my first F/F romance and the story did not disappoint. These characters were so lovable, vulnerable, heart warming and memorable. I will be thinking about the love story of Darcy and Elle for a long time.

Here’s 5 things about the book (4 I loved and 1 I didn’t):

  • I loved the characters (both main and supporting). They were well fleshed out and we got a good look into both of their minds.
  • The fake dating trope is one of my favorites, and I loved the way this one was executed.
  • The banter was so much fun! I chuckled quite a bit while reading it.
  • The vulnerability of the characters both in the present story and in their back stories was beautiful.
  • I didn’t love the open door aspect of the romance (it’s getting HOT in there, y’all). If steam makes you uncomfortable, either skip this one or be prepared to skip a few sections.

This one got a solid 3.75 stars from me and I really look forward to reading the spin off book featuring Darcy’s brother, Brendon!

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