This was my first ever “cozy mystery” and I think I will be visiting this section of the bookstore more often! It was fun and light and engaging without feeling suspenseful or scary. I think it would be a great book for someone who wants a page turner without feeling scared at all. This book earned 3.5 stars from me and I will definitely be reading more from Joanne Fluke in the future!

5 things about this book (3 I loved, 2 I didn’t):

  • I loved the pacing of the book – we start out with a murder and I never felt bored.
  • I loved how strong our main character was – she didn’t need a partner and was rocking life as a single woman. Also, her cat was the cutest.
  • I loved the recipes throughout the book. Give me all the cookies.
  • I didn’t love how quickly the ending wrapped up – I like a little more time after resolutions.
  • I also didn’t love how she started a romance so close to the end of the book! I didn’t need a romance for the story to work for me, but if there was going to be a romance, I would’ve liked to see it happen earlier in the book.

Content warnings:
Mention of death of a pregnant woman
Minor storyline of domestic abuse

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