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Well this book was a nice little bundle of YA Christmas joy with a side of a mental health representation! This was a fun read that packed a punch – something that I love about YA. This was a solid 4 star read for me. Here are 4 things that I loved about it and 1 thing that I didn’t love:

  • I loved the alternate realities. I felt like McDowell weaved it together really well!
  • I loved the portrayal of the magic of falling in love the first time. This is my favorite thing about YA fiction! It makes me so nostalgic.
  • I loved the lack of explicit language in it. This is a nice change of pace and I love when an author can portray emotion without overusing the F word!
  • I loved the way that mental illness was portrayed, and the way it showed that it is something you can get help for.
  • I didn’t love the main character, oddly enough, for a lot of the book. But she did grow on me as she matured and changed!

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