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This book was a fun ride! I enjoy any book with a memory loss trope at the center, and this one was no different. It got 3.5/5 stars from me! Thank you to Quirk Books for allowing me to read it early via Netgalley.

Here’s what I enjoyed about this book:

1. I loved the slow uncovering of who our main character was. We had some level of suspense right up until the very end!

2. I really enjoyed our main supporting character, Max. He was compassionate, supportive, and genuine.

3. I loved that it turned into a “self discovery” of sorts, as Mia learns who she was and who she wants to be. It had a very hopeful tone to it by the end, and I appreciated that!

Here’s what I didn’t love so much about this book:

1. Mia herself was frustrating at times. While she wanted to change the trajectory of her life, she continued to lie and manipulate people.

2. The ending lacked luster for me while also being completely unbelievable. After basically nothing going right for her for the entire book, it’s as though everything was wrapped up in a pretty bow by the end.

In conclusion, I will absolutely read more by Tschida – but I don’t think I would read another book featuring Mia.

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