Collecting books is a hobby of mine, and reading accessories are definitely part of being a huge reader. I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite bookish accessories that I use all the time!

*please note that some of these links only are affiliate links and will provide me with a small commission at no cost to you *

Kindle Oasis

I love my Oasis so much and use it every single day. I also have this case that keeps it safe and helps it lay flat.

This thing is a dream for people with tendinitis, carpal tunnel, or are just dang tired at the end of the day. It can hold any size book open and makes it easy to turn pages without ripping them

Page Holder

This thing is great for those stiff books that you don’t want to crack the spines of!

This is great not only for reading novels, but for cookbooks! It’s a simple solution for when you want to read hands free.

Book Sleeves from Happy Go Lovely

These keep my books safe in my bag and also are super cute. Use the code BOOKSTA20 at checkout to save 20%!

Sudio Headphones

I am always listening to an audiobook. On and off all day long! I have 3 pairs of Sudio headphones, but the Elva model is my favorite. They block noise, have a great Bluetooth connection, and are comfortable in my ears! You can use my code JENNA15 to save 15%.

Library Book Cart

I love this thing so much! It is such a cute accessory and makes it really easy to organize my TBR.

Birthdate Candle

I ALWAYS burn a candle when I’m reading – it just sets the mood for me. Birthdate candles are crafted specifically for those with your birthdate in mind. I love the fragrance of mine and I will be sincerely sad when it is burned out! You can use my code READING10 to save 10% off your purchase on their website!

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