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Another young adult fantasy for the win in 2021! I am so happy I read this book and that I was able to get swept away into this world.

My thoughts on this book before I forget how I’m feeling….5 things I loved about this book!

1. I ADORED these characters, all the good guys at least. But I also really hated the ones I was supposed to hate and that’s a sign of a good writer, so 1000 points to @tracydeonn.
2. I ENJOYED the rollercoaster of emotions I felt while reading this book – even if it did take me 3 weeks. It’s not the book, it was me and my mental state.
3. I felt completely and utterly swept away and I was HERE. FOR. IT. This is what fantasy should be like and I never want to read anything else that isn’t this captivating.
4. The friendships in this book made me feel like I was young again – the kinds of friends that allow you to be yourself, unapologetically, and will legit fight for you. That was the energy I needed.
5. The cliffhanger! WHEN is the next book coming out?! I’m annoyed but I’m not. Annoyed that I have to wait for some resolution (#bookwormproblems) but I’m also really stinkin’ excited that it means we are getting another book.

Easy 5 stars from me and I cannot wait to read the next one!

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