We are halfway through April, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get for the mom(s) in your life! Mother’s Day is May 9 this year in case you didn’t know (someone tell my husband), and it’s creeping up faster than we realize. Whether you are celebrating your mom, a motherly figure in your life, or a grandma (or any variation in between), Mother’s Day is a great day to recognize the women in your life that care for you.

I don’t really do “gift guides” too often because I have a hard time thinking of what other people may want But if there’s one thing I’m an expert on, it’s being a mom and knowing things that most moms would like to have. So, without further ado, here’s a list of 7 things I would be honored to receive on May 9 (or any other day of the year).

*please note that Amazon linked items provide me with a small commission at no cost to you, and I would be humbled if you purchased via these links*

1. Uninterrupted Reading Time

This seems simple and small, but as a mom who loves to read and get’s little time to do it, this feels like luxury. I’m hopeful my husband will tell me to leave and go sit somewhere and read for an hour on Mother’s Day!

2. A Styling Brush

Doing my hair is a form of self care for me, but sometimes I would like to skip a step. If I could dry AND style my hair at the same time, this would be a dream come true!

3. A Trunk Organizer

It seems ridiculous to some, but few things irk me more than the sound of things bouncing around in my trunk as I’m driving around. This would be a great, cheap solution that I honestly my just buy for myself. I may even go crazy and get two.

4. Another Pair of My Favorite Scissors

Any human that has looked for a pair of scissors in a tizzy while kids are screaming that they’re hungry knows how irritating it is when someone TAKES the scissors. I’ve hidden my favorite pair from my family because yes, I’m that petty, but I would love to have a community pair so everyone else can experience the goodness that is this pair of Fiskars. Seriously, they’re that good. I’ve had mine 10 years and they still cut like new.

5. Flowers Planted for Me

Cut flowers are great, but they die quickly. I love when someone plants my annuals for me as a Mother’s Dy gift! My husband and 4 year old will likely do this for me again this year and I look forward to seeing the result.

6. A Programmable Crock Pot

My crock pot works, don’t get me wrong. But a programmable one with a temperature probe only seems like the next logical step at this point, right? Can I level up to this degree of home chef yet?

7. Permission to buy a few books (or just buy them for me!) off my book wishlist.

And don’t shame me for the number of unread books I have in our home. Trust me, I’m well aware, but I have no shelf control.


1. To go out to eat.

I know this seems confusing, but as a mama with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, sometimes the pressure that comes with keeping kids quiet and happy in a public restaurant is just not worth the hassle. If you want mom to have that “you don’t have to cook or clean” experience, consider ordering takeout and using disposable dishes (OR do the dishes for her after if you are able to be with her).

2. To make any decisions.

Sometimes I can’t use my brain and emotional energy anymore, and making decisions for everyone else? That’s a lot of emotional energy, whether or not others realize it. So don’t make me choose what I want to eat, just pick something you know I’ll like!

3. To clean up anything.

I don’t expect anyone to deep clean my house for me, but it would be really nice if everyone could put their clothes in the hamper and dishes in the dishwasher. All. Day.

That’s a wrap, folks! I hope this helps you think outside the box to make this years Mother’s Day super special.

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I read a lot of books, have a lot of plants, and don't do a great job updating here.


  1. My husband shares your sentiments about things rolling around in his trunk and I bought him a trunk organizer for Christmas a few years ago. He still tells me on a regular basis how much he loves it, and I think it might be his favourite gift ever!


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