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Well this was just a breath of fresh sea salted air! This was my first book by Priscilla Oliveras and I loved the listening experience of the audiobook.

Here’s 4 things I loved about this book:

1) The atmospheric writing – I felt the Florida heat, smelled the salty air, and could visualize the island in the best way!
2) Our male lead, Luis, was just. so. dreamy. He was kind, considerate, thoughtful and gentle – a rarity in romance characters (at least of the ones I’ve read).
3) The family drama tied into the romance story effortlessly. This book is a romance, yes, but the romance ONLY happens because of family drama. It is intriguing, tense, and believable and fun all at once.
4) The portrayal of consent between the main characters. I’m the first to admit that I prefer closed door romance, and while this one was more of a “cracked door” romance, I loved how Oliveras did not leave out any details as the characters discussed where their relationship was going – both emotionally and physically.

One thing I did not love about this book:
1) This was incredibly minor and probably only a negative for me as someone who does not speak Spanish, but the Spanish used throughout the book was a little confusing/distracting for me. I do recognize, however, that this was realistic for the characters and absolutely necessary to bring them to life. I just struggled a bit to understand what the author was trying to convey only because I didn’t understand the language!

Overall, this book was a solid 4 star read for me and I look forward to reading the second book this summer!

Content warnings:
Eating disorder
Sexual content
Medical content

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