Do I even remember how to write a review post? Goodness, it’s been a while. My life has been swallowed up by packing my house up to move, and wow, that can take its toll on a girl. But I finally finished The Layover by Lacie Waldon earlier this week and it was just so dang cute and fun that I had to shout about it! Click here to get the low down on it from The StoryGraph. Thank you to Putnam Books for my free copy in exchange for a review!

This solid 4 star read was a great debut from Lacie Waldon, and here are four things I loved about it:

  1. The characters. I loved all of them (most of the time) and all their quirks and personality.
  2. The information about being a flight attendant for some reason had me super engrossed! Lacie is a flight attendant by day and an author by night, so it was fun to hear about life as a flight attendant on “Northeast Air” and all the rules/responsibilities that come along with it.
  3. I thought the storyline was going one way and it ended up going another – and I loved that. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone, though!
  4. The humor! Lacie is so funny to chat with on Instagram, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that personality trait of hers transfer into the writing in her book.

One thing I did not love:

At times, I didn’t love Ava – our main character. She kind of irked me in the beginning of the book, but I did grow to love her by the end.

If you would like to purchase The Layover, please consider using the following affiliate links to Amazon and to do so – I would really appreciate it!

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