Thank you Delacorte press for an early readers copy in exchange for an honest review!

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Thank you Delacorte Press for a free ecopy in exchange for a review!

Karen McManus is back at it again with a compelling storyline about seemingly unconnected teenagers who are connected in a twist way. Another random murder that teens are caught in the middler of and trying to investigate? I’m here for it. Karen McManus is one of my favorite authors and writes fast paced, page turning thrillers.

This one took a little bit to get invested, for sure, and I think the reason for that is that the three main characters all have similar “voices”. While the book is written in first person with chapters rotating between each of the MC’s voicing, I found myself getting lost mid chapter, trying to figure out who was behind each one (in the beginning particularly). They all “sounded” the same – nobody was particularly interesting or unique, either.

Around the halfway point was where it picked up for me, and I read the remainder of the book in 36 hours. Once the ball got rolling, it moved quickly.

But at the end of it, I only really liked one character – the rest were just “meh” for me. I have trouble getting invested in a story if I don’t feel anything for the main players, and that’s exactly what happened here.

All in all – the storyline, while slow in the beginning, was a solid 4 stars from me. An intricately woven tangled web, McManus delivered with juicy plot twists driven by untrustworthy characters.

The characters, however, get a 3 star “meh” from me, averaging this book out to a 3,5/5 stars.

Will I read her next one? 100% I will. this one wasn’t a total miss, just took a hot minute to get revved up.

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