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This book made me laugh, made me feel seen, and provided an escape into a story of a realistic, loving friendship.

4 things I loved about this book:
⭐️ Lauren – she’s a QUEEN and I adore her. A brilliant, rockstar single mom that also keeps it real? Here for it.
⭐️ The dual perspective helped me get to know the main characters and had very distinct voices – if I zoned out, I could pick up mid chapter and know who I was reading because the MCs are super unique.
⭐️The love interest was sweet, charming, and not too focused on. It was healthy and I love seeing that in books!
⭐️ The emotions that Martin was able to evoke from me 👏🏻 I am not a sensitive reader, but I FELT something when I read this book.

I recommend this book to any mom who needs an escape and wishes she could have a girlfriend there through everything.

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