We are a week out from Valentine’s Day, and while my husband and I don’t typically exchange gifts, I took a quick minute to compile a list of some gifts that I think most readers would love to receive! All of these should come in before the holiday and are easy to keep in your back pocket as future gift ideas for any other occasions.

Please note that all Amazon items are affiliate links and that I will receive a small commission at no cost to you should you purchase through it.

Idea #1: A Wearable Blanket

My husband bought me this for my birthday in December and I’ve been in it basically every night while I read since. The pocket is even large enough for my e reader! Perfect for anyone who likes to be PEAK cozy!

Idea #2: The Book Seat

Perfect for any sized book (really, it can adjust to hold even the largest 800 page paperback I have in my home), this little contraption is excellent for folks with chronic pain who can’t always hold a book up. It also prevents falling asleep and losing your spot in the book 😆

Idea #3: A Book Cart

Even if the reader in your life already has a set of bookshelves, a more portable book cart for small spaces creates so much versatility for book storage! So many great things can fit in it and it obviously looks cute.

Idea #4: A Book Weight

This little doodad is a big help when I need a book held open to write down notes or even to just read while I blow dry my hair or something (constantly multitasking here)!

Idea #5: A Bookstore Date

Give the gift of quality time and take them to the bookstore! My husband and I like to go and play a game where we each guess the number of pages in a book. Whoever is closest without going over wins!

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