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Things are crazy in the suburbs, y’all! This book, packed to the gills with fascinating characters, lots of intertwining storylines, and a whole lot of action will keep you on your toes til the very end! I listened to this one on audio in the car with my mom and we were both equally glued to the story.

Written with multiple POV’s, these very different characters have different takes on the same story. It was a lot of fun to get into the minds of each of the people weaving the story together. At first, I found it slightly difficult to remember who was who, but having my mom listen with me helped – she was able to explain if I got anyone’s names confused.

Another aspect I enjoyed was that the storyline showcases women in several different walks of life bonding and banding together. It had a real Girl Power feel to it by the ending, and I appreciated that the older moms and younger moms were able to find common ground and nourish friendships.

Each character has a secret that plays into the story, and some are exposed earlier than others. By the ending of the book, everything came full circle, and I felt it was tied up completely (though not necessarily in a cute little bow – and that, for this story, was quite fitting).

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