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This was a sweet little middle grade novel with a lot of heart! I had such a fun time flying through this in just about 24 hours. It’s a quick read (265 pages with big spacing) but still packs a good punch!The things I loved in this book:

Here’s what I enjoyed in this book:

  • A look into the world of growing up Asian in a mostly white world. I felt this was approached in a sensitive, age appropriate way for the target audience of the novel.
  • The figure skating references had me so entertained – and wanting to look up each of the routines referenced! It also felt very “true to life” for children that age who idolize their sports heroes.
  • The portrayal of a new, sweet friendship between Maxine and Hollie was just so special.
  • All the 90’s pop culture references made this so much fun!

Overall, I think this was a perfect read for middle grade, and was still entertaining as an adult!

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