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Finally, a book I rated higher than 3 stars! It has been a while.

This book was a breath of sea salt air! Set mainly on the shores of Destin, FL, two half sisters work together to repair their outdated and decrepit beach house AND their broken relationship.

What I loved about this book:

☀️ Everything came full circle by the end. Each character had their own story within the story that naturally played out.
☀️ The character growth in Kat, specifically. I started out the book sort of hating her and ended it with a fond appreciation. She bothered me a lot with her obsession with “‘Grammable” photos, staying on brand, and treating life like a fashion show, but she really did a 180 by the end.
☀️ The sympathy and love I felt for Blake had my eyes welling with tears throughout.
☀️ Noah 😍 This guy and his love for dogs, his quick witted, hilarious responses to everything, AND his confidence in pursuing Blake were everything. 10/10 on Noah.
☀️ This story is a perfect example of “every cloud has a silver lining” and honestly that’s a reminder that I needed in 2022.

I took off half a star for just how annoying I found Kat for the first ~60% of the book, but that was probably the whole point 😅

All in all, this was a perfect book to close out my summer reading and I’m so glad I picked it up.

Content warnings:
Death of a parent
Mild/moderate cursing
Car accident
Brief mention of cancer

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